I'm Jenna and I know I may not look like much now but someday I'm going to change the world. I'm a music therapy major at Radford. Bright Eyes is my favorite band. Johnny Cash is my obsession and Phantom Regiment is swell. I promise I'll always be here for anyone.


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Tigers Jaw- Teen Rocket (x)

baby at warped tour.
"I will be okay someday. Bad things happen for no reason sometimes and things end but that shouldn’t mean you should come to an end too. The ocean will always have waves; I just have to learn to swim through them for a bit longer."

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Pianos Become The Teeth on Flickr.

I follow back everyone!

chadius99 said: Tag! Say ten things about yourself then send this to ten of your favorite followers. /jumped the bandwagon save me/

1. My real name is Jennafer
2. I have two adorable rabbits
3. I eat peanut butter almost everyday
4. I have tiny hands
5. I’m scared as fuck to start college
6. I’m insecure as fuck
7. Sometimes I’m funny
8. I have a twin brother
9. I’m ambidextrous
10. I watch too much Netflix

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